Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ten years after

Two days ago I realized that I've been living in Ireland for ten years now.

It seems not so long ago that I was selling my worldy possessions to buy a plane ticket from Cape Town to London. I worked there for a short while and then flew over here with my brother Dave, to start a new life. One that revolved around the sea and the weather.

Old school dwelling far from anywhere
It took a year or two for us to get set up, learn the lie of the land so to speak. Its been a whirlwind of travel, waves and meeting friendly people, a blessed life that I am fortunate to lead. Its a tough place to grow roots, its cold, windy, expensive and sometimes lonely but living on the edge of the North Atlantic has a very raw feel to it. We are exposed to nature at her wildest, and I love that.

Heaving waves at the bottom of the highest sea cliffs in Europe

 Ireland is a magical place, theres still lots to discover here. Walking the coastline, or scouring the coast by ski is an amazing experience, watching castles go by, stone walls or huge mountains towering over green fields.

Post surf thaw out.

Shambles watching as I'm about to get thrashed up the rocks

Mid winter kindling harvest.

Heres to the next ten years of living life over here.
Carpe Diem..