Friday, June 3, 2011

Adios Amigos

Just got back from a nice little camping trip with good mates, we scored fun waves and great weather. As I came in the door there was a delivery waiting for me. Two boxes of Tiki gear, I have been trying to keep a lid on the excitement for weeks as I knew one box was going to contain a Brand new FFX model surfboard. I dropped all the camping gear and ran into the kitchen to get a sharp knife, and I hacked and cut my way through the boxes and bubble wrap. Out came the funnest looking 5'9 I have seen in a looooong time, its bamboo/epoxy/carbon technology, and weighs less than a loaf of bread! I cannot wait to surf it over in Oz.
I hear the waves are cooking on the goldie and the crowds are down a bit. Il be meeting my mate Pig at the airport, and the rough plan is to buy a van, kit it out with the expert help of the aforementioned Pig, and drive down towards Sydney, stopping at some hidey holes I remember from last time. Waves, sun, adventures and hopefully some work await me down under. Until Next time..

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  1. Nice kit! Ever ridden anything like it? ..does look like fun.