Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ledge at the Edge.

I just got back from a little surf trip down south.

There was a small swell in the water and I saw a place on the map where the Australian continental shelf comes within a kilometer of the coast, so Eliz and I packed the van and started driving. We pulled off the highway and drove down a nondescript dirt road to the coast, bouncing through potholes and scraping the sides of the van on bushes and trees until we came out onto a grassy headland.

We set up right on the edge of the grass overlooking a pretty good looking setup and went to bed in the hope that morning would bring offshore winds and a bump in the swell.

We awoke to this:

It was good to mix it up again amongst some solid slabs, there was a penalty to pay for falling so threading the tube till the channel became the game.
I met a few local bodyboarders out there who said they normally surf it alone, and were happy to see some new faces in the line up, we traded barrels all morning until the tide got too low for me to make the end section over a button of rock, and I walked back to camp really content.

The next day it was cooking again, and Eliz and I paddled out for round two. She was charging and showed the boogies a thing or two about taking late drops, and backdooring the slabs.

Another day drifted away as we surfed our fill, until again the tide got too low. It was back to camp to check the beach break and make some lunch, read a book, do some stretching, etc.

We'll definitely be heading back to the Ledge at the Edge again soon, I want to see what it does when it gets bigger, the boogies also spilled the beans about some even rounder, better waves in the area so my eyes will be glued to the charts from now on.

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