Saturday, October 27, 2012

Since we landed..

Autumn in Ireland, what more can I say...

The light is amazing, long rays stretching through the trees, golden hues, warm breezes and pumping waves.
Since leaving Tasmania we've been really busy here, setting ourselves up for the winter.
Days have been filled with wood chopping, surfing, working and foraging shellfish and sun ripened berries.
We have been given the amazing opportunity of looking after a beautiful house, it overlooks an estuary so we can see the tide ebb and flow from the lounge window.
We've had some fun swells too, nothing major yet, no long spells of waves which are quite common with this time of the year but theres been the odd day thrown in if you're willing to drive and hike.

My brother Dave got married to the beautiful Daniela last week, so a bunch of us rented a house down in Co. Clare and partied, BBQ'ed and surfed for a long weekend. 

As luck would have it we coincided our visit with a mega swell courtesy of hurricane Raphael.
Lahinch was buzzing with people, jetskis and rhino chasers.
We managed to find a few waves down at the bottom of the cliff, amongst the crowds.
There were a few big beat downs on that swell, one tore my mate Roosta's hood clean in half and another hit me so hard it felt like my jaw came loose.

I got a lovely quiver from Luke Young, which I've really been enjoying. Its nice to surf some boards that are built to last, and can endure the heft of the Irish waters.

The leaves are still falling off the trees, and we're yet to have our first hard frost, but it wont be long now.
The evenings are long, and the clocks are about to go back. Almost time to hibernate for the winter!

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