Friday, February 11, 2011

Days in the Bay..

What a handful of swell we have been receiving over the past 2 weeks, day in and day out its been a constant blur of checking maps, launching skis, long days on the water and riding some amazing waves. We've spent alot of the time close to home which has been great, I love looking back at land from out there, its such a rad perspective. Ive been so tired that turning down good waves is normal to me now! Save the energy for when the charts turn red, and do normal things like go shopping and buy motor tax when its only 4ft !! Just yesterday I was standing at Mullaghmore with a pro surfer who is over here at the moment and he was calling it the best big wave left in Europe, its crazy to think how good we have it in our own back yard. So keep the stoke and dont skip the 4ft days like me, Tesco isn't worth it.
All shots. John Leyden

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  1. Hey Bazza, awesome dude. Charging it, I'm sooo stoked for yas