Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hospital Pass

After nearly two months of pumping waves my girlfriend Eliz and I decided to leave the coast and head over to Scotland to visit her sister and try score some snow in the Highlands. We left Edinburgh and and drove up to Glenshee and rented all the gear. Wow, snowboarding is so much fun, the closest Ive ever come to it is sandboarding in Cape Town. Even catching the lift up was such a buzz, it took a while to get the hang of it and on my fourth run down the kiddies slope i fell down, as I stood up i felt that familiar feeling in my knee, my lateral miniscus had torn again and folded over and locked my knee. And so began the long process of getting down the slope on my arse, hobbling, hanging onto fences and using my hands as brakes to stop my board from sliding too fast, after 2 days of painkillers and laughing gas I got operated on in Edinburgh, and am now on the mend. Six weeks of down time and a knee brace are what I have to look forward to. Im sitting here watching Cash in the Attic, amping up for Judge Judy later this afternoon! To look on the bright side at least this didn't happen in January and I missed all the amazing waves that have come through, I also have alot of cool footage to edit and now i have time on my side, so watch this space.

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